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Services by MPS Parking

MPS Parking is firmly established as a market leader in the car parking industry. Based on uears of industry experience, MPS is renowned for our extensive and outstanding car parking services. Below are some of the services we provide.

The Services We offer are:

A Parking Charge Notice (PCN) may be issued to a vehicle that has breached the terms and conditions of the car park, for example:- not exited the site within the allocated period, failed to display a valid permit, misuse of a disabled or parent/child bay. MPS Patrol Officers use hand-held terminals to input or scan vehicle registration numbers and also take photographic images to support the issued PCN. The PCN system acts a deterrent and ensures drivers adhere to the terms and conditons of the car park.

MPS provides the latest ANPR technology for the management of your car park. ANPR is a CCTV based system that uses infra-red cameras to read vehicles registration numbers and capture images of the vehicle. The system works day and night, in most weather conditions. We offer various ANPR systems including: ANPR camera system, Pay & Display machine plus ANPR: The Touchpark system, Bollard Disabled bay enforcement system and the PFS (Petrol Filling Station) drive off system

This system enables our customers to pay for parking by credit/debit card, mobile phone or landline, entering the location of the car park and the time they wish to purchase. Drivers can be reminded by text message to their mobile phone when purchased time is expiring, so that a further purchase can be made without returning to their vehicle. Drivers may pay for parking whilst on site or in advance and can view and print their parking transactions online. This payment method removes the need for cash or coins or worrying about displaying a parking receipt in the car, as the MPS Patrol Officers will recognise the mobile phone payment via their handheld devices. This system is fast and secure.

We provide the latest Pay & Display equipment, which produce tickets, audit facilities and statistical data. Payments for parking can be made in advance, on the day or can be refunded subject to a minimum spend in selected retailer’s stores. Payment can be by cash, credit/debit card, via phone, smart card or value card. Machines are solar or mains powered. Signage provides information, terms and conditions and tariff details. We can provide all management services including highly trained, uniformed Patrol Officers to supervise and maintain the car park. P&D facilitates unrestricted vehicular to the car park. This revenue generation system is very familiar to customers

We offer a broad range of payment equipment which enables the customer to pay for parking ‘on foot’ whilst on site. The two main ‘machine reading’ methods are magnetic stripe tickets and bar coded tickets. The machines produce tickets , audit facilities and statistical data. Payment can be by cash, credit/debit card, via phone or smart card. Unlike Pay and Display, where time is purchased in advance, payment is made upon returning to the car park. Parking can be paid on site by hour(s), day, week or month, The system can cater for paying customers, permit holders, staff card holders and accommodate any special reductions offered by use in conjunction with validation readers, thereby increasing the use of the car park overall.

The customer pays on entry/exit to a Patrol Officer in a kiosk. Payment is by cash or credit card. This system is used when managing either temporary parking on development land and/or for long stay commuter parking. This system is useful for smaller car parks.

Either a ticket is dispensed or the driver inserts a credit card or Season Ticket, upon which the entrance barrier raises and allows access to the car park. The time, date, conditions of entry and any advertising are recorded on the dispensed ticket. Payment is made either at a pay station or on exit of the car park to an MPS attendant in an MPS logoed kiosk or by reinserting the credit card or Season Ticket that was initially used and the parking charge will be deducted. Upon which the exit barrier is raised. There are various ticketing options: simplistic sequentially numbered printed tickets, bar coded and magnetic stripe including audit and statistical information.

On-Street Parking is usually controlled by Local Authorities and over the last 10 years, parking meters have been phased out in favour of Pay and Display systems. MPS provides a variety of services including Civil Enforcement Officers issuing Parking Charge Notices (PCN) to enforce contraventions.

Parking Bay Sensors are installed in every parking bay. The sensor is a wireless device, which detects parked vehicles in on- and off-street parking areas. The sensor provides an accurate determination of every bay’s occupancy at all times, ensuring greater availability of parking spaces. Live reporting and historical data of each car park are available at all times via a web based portal.

Where costs to manage a site can be an issue or when the site has only a few spaces, MPS can provide all the necessary signage, Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) and notice processing facilities without the need for a monthly management fee. MPS will arrange for one of our Area Operations Managers or New Business Surveyors to train an individual(s) on the correct procedure for issuing a PCN. The client arranges for this staff member(s) or Security staff (if they have them) to self-monitor their own spaces and enforce them by way of issuing a Parking Charge Notice. In return for processing these notices, MPS can potentially share any revenue generated from the issue of PCNs with the client once the initial capital outlay has been recovered.

Validation refers to customer parking cards, vouchers or validation stamps issued at retail point of sale. This ensures that discounted or free parking is offered to people who are spending within the retail element, which the car park is designed to support. Validation schemes are tailored to local requirements and carefully administered. This method of operation is designed to increase footfall. This system is useful where an incentive is needed to attract consumers to a retail environment.

Season Tickets save time and money, as the customer pays for their parking bays in advance for an allocated period, at competitive rates. The customer will be issued with a Season Ticket card, which is displayed inside their windscreen. Customers can come and go as they please and there is no need for daily cash payment. MPS offers annual, six monthly, quarterly, monthly, weekly or multiple Season Tickets. MPS also provides a ‘Gold Parking’ service, whereby the vehicle space is reserved at all times in the most favourable location. For further enquiries please contact: +263 7133 41910|+263 7787 62049 or email: enquiries@mpszim.com

MPS will render the stress of your car park by bringing it under our management. We will provide services such as permits, deal with fly parking and abandoned vehicles, issue Parking Charge Notice tickets or warnings to unauthorised vehicles, increase security, reduce car theft and increase your income by selling surplus car parking spaces in empty or part tenanted office/residential blocks, retail parks/shopping centres and on land pending redevelopment. Please give us a call to discuss your parking requirements requirements on +263 7133 41910|+263 7787 62049 or email: enquiries@mpszim.com

We can provide signage with or without the need for a management fee. MPS uses custom-made signage, featuring our internationally recognised logo and blue and yellow corporate colours. If preferred, signage can be customised to include Client branding. Signage for car parks provides information such as: tariffs, terms & conditions, local places of interest, prohibited activity, directions, disclaimers, height and speed restrictions. Signage comes in all shapes and sizes and can be post or wall mounted. A full signage survey will enable us to make recommendations based on Local Authority planning guidelines or restrictions. Our full advisory service ensures Clients are confident that their Customers are provided with all the relevant information, so liabilities and claims are minimised.

We offer 2 services: 1 – Car Wash: outside only wash. Car is washed in your chosen parking bay. 2 – Valet: inside and outside wash and clean. Car is washed in our valet bay. All services are carried out whilst you park. The customer simply has to book their car in with one of our helpful staff. We will take great care of your vehicle and only use the best quality cleaning products. Our operation strives to provide an excellent service to all MPS customers.

MPS provides fully integrated Facilities Management. Our expertise, highly-trained team and up-to-date technology ensure we provide a first class, one-stop-shop Facilities Management service designed for your specific business requirements. We manage a variety of properties including retail parks, leisure and commercial premises, airports, car parks and work spaces, meaning we have extensive knowledge and experience. Our packages are tailor-made to suit each individual client’s needs, ensuring premium efficiency and value for your estate. MPS can provide a flexible suite of services including: general maintenance, cleaning, security, landscaping, CCTV surveillance, lighting, car park management, cash collection, project management and FM consultancy service. We have a nationwide network of management across the whole of Zimbabwe to make sure that you are covered. To discuss your Facility Management requirements contact us on +263 7133 41910|+263 7787 62049 or email: enquiries@mpszim.com